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Lekker for rent and sale

A beautiful solution to the not having enough vintage bikes to sell, the Lekker is a classically styled upright step-through that feels like a holiday Copenhagen every time you sit on the seat. 

With three speed Shimano-Nexus gears, inbuilt double lock system, front and rear lights, chain guard and front and rear mud-guards, the bike is weather proof, skirt and dress proof, and, as every European tells us when they rent on, totally unisex. 

"There’s no such thing as a men’s and women’s bike back home - we all ride these"… is the message. 

Be it for guy or girl, if want to rent a bike in Melbourne or Sydney, the Lekker is as nice a bike as you’ll find… Hire is $35 a day or $100 per week from Melbourne CBD, the Rose Street market in Fitzroy, and Porch and Parlour cafe in North Bondi. (Cruising around Bondi in particular on this thing is just a treat!)

Speaking of treats, for everyone who asks if they can buy a bike like they one they rented, I also have a couple of Lekkers for sale, at far below it’s RRP of $750, for $550.

Visit the Lekker site for more info, or email here to follow up on hiring or buying.

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